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We are here to help you locate the spare parts you need for your business. Whether they are obsolete critical spares or future plans for modernisation and expansion we are happy to help. We have access to many manufacturers and are happy to source any requirements you have, whether a single push button or an entire factory re-fit. We really do provide the same excellent service to every one of our customers.


Regional Sales Manager

Hello, I am the Regional Sales Manager at Selective Automation, specialist in the Arab market in Egypt,Qatar,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and all over the Gulf area, and I have been around the automation industry for 4 years Now, Before that i spent many years in customer service sector so we know what dose it means service and how important every client is. i like spend time with family and friends and of course doing sports is an important things to be active for the coming workdays

Working with SELECTIVE Automation is such a pleasant experience,and we have best professional team.

Rebecca Jenkins

sales trader

Hello, I am the sales trader for the United States, Canada and South America. I have worked in this industry for 4 years and customer relations for 8 years. Outside of work my time is spent indulging in my passion of music,playing guitar and playing chess.

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Khaild Bin Saad

Sales Support Team

Hello, I joined SELECTIVE Automation at the beginning of this year to develop the markets in the arabic and Italian speaking countries. I love what I do and have worked in this industry for over 5 years. I have friends from different cultural backgrounds, and I find the weekends are never long enough to fit in everything I plan to do!.

Selective Automation will never let you down.

F. Shaker

United States and Canada Purchase Manager

I've been around automation for more than 6 years , i started as a sales professional with one of the biggest companies out there and now we as a team joined selective automation , i am very business oriented and know what it means to maximize the profit , It all starts with cutting unnecessary cost ,which we can help you with if you decide to choose selective automation as your business partner!.

Selective Automation will never let you down.